The first deep reinforcement learning service for optimizing supply chains for manufacturers

Cognitive Supply Chain

Boost your supply chain efficiency and margin competitiveness by uncovering insights from your wealth of supply chain and production data. Leverage the power of deep reinforcement learning for supply chain risk management decisions, demand forecasting, and BoM/pricing optimization.

  • vuGraph

    AI assistant for production plan optimization and supply chain risk mitigation decisions

  • vuPredict

    Bill of material optimization and cognitive procurement with predictive supplier pricing

  • vuForecast

    Continuously improving demand forecasting for optimizing production and inventory levels

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Why DeepVu?

Real Time

Get insights in real-time. DeepVu analyzes data streams as they arrive.

Deep Learning

The most advanced form of artificial intelligence. Handles complexities that traditional analytics cannot.

Full Stack

A versatile solution capable of handling any supply chain data-set including pricing, demand and production plans.


No feature-engineering work or rule updates needed. DeepVu will scale as your business grows.

See how DeepVu can maximize your margins

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