About Us

DeepVu is a for-profit AI startup that believes in using profits for the good of humanity.

Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility

DeepVu is a socially and environmentally aware community sensitive company. We are privacy conscious and oppose the use of any non-opted in consumer data.

Furthermore, DeepVu will donate 3% of its profits to charitable organizations that help alleviate poverty, blindness, eye disease, infant mortality, and hunger in the world. We also strive to help and collaborate with other startups and entrepreneurs. If you're a very early stage startup or indie developer and can't pay for the APIs, please drop us a note.

DeepVu proudly supports several charitable organizations and research institutions working towards cures for Human Vision diseases and disorders, especially the Foundation for Fighting Blindness, Save The Children, and others.

Personal Data

DeepVu never sells user data, personal information, media submissions, etc. however, we do use your media submissions to improve our object recognition accuracy, as well as for generating anonymous analytics on user interests, object frequency, trending topics, and products, etc. For details, please read the Privary Policy

We are

Led by a team of proven technologists and industry experts, we are team of enginers and scientists with experience launching products and services in computer vision, deep learning, multimedia data mining, mobile apps and multiplayer games. DeepVu is a privately held Silicon Valley-based company funded by silicon valley executives and angel investors.