Your Privacy and Data Are Very Important to Us!

We take user privacy and data ownership very seriously. We call it "The Respectful Relevance Revolution!" We believe the end user has the right to elect what interests are public and which ones are private, and whether or not they want an app or website to personalize their service or offers to them. We expect our customers to have the same values. If you love legalese like our attorneys, please see the full Privacy Policy , otherwise, we thought you'd appreciate a summary of the key tenants of our privacy and data ownership policy:

  • Customers or their respective users own the data

  • We destroy the raw data (ex. photos, comments etc) after extracting analytics and interests and only store the interest profiles persistently

  • We don't sell data (photos, comments, etc) to anyone and we don't sell ads either. we do offer "recommendations" for customers that call that API

  • We provide behavioral and contextual targeting keywords not data

  • If multiple customers provide data and associate a user_id from a public social network such as Twitter then we can match that user's profile across apps.

  • Very soon we will allow end users to edit their own interest profile in our Profile-Registry view, and they will be able to review and remove any interests from their profile. This option will be available for profiles associated with social network ids such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc