• The future of supply chain is cognitive

Automate efficiencies and make real-time decisions using AI

Extract value from your supply chain system. DeepVu is an SAP Member but also works with all platforms including Oracle, Infor and Sage.

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vuPredict Supplier Pricing Breakdown Optimization

Optimize for the lowest possible bill of materials to manufacture your product. vuPredict handles the data complexities that exist from multiple suppliers, many parts, price fluctuations and varying reliability. vuPredict will predict the optimal combination of suppliers, parts, price and the likelihood of a discount based on historical transactions. Reduce inefficiencies and stop overpaying large sums over time from manual calculations or ineffective models.

  • Reduce sourcing costs

  • Identify and decrease inefficiencies

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vuForecast Demand Forecasting

Ensure the optimal inventory levels at all times and adapt to changing factors in a dynamic market. vuForecast learns from your historical inventory and order data to accurately forecast future demand. New records coming in continuously improve predictions over time.

  • Minimize inventory costs while meeting customer demand

  • Prevent stock-outs at retail channels

  • Increase and maintain accuracy of forecasting

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vuGraph Decisioning Intelligence for Risk Management

Honor product deliveries, meet profitability goals and ensure supply chain continuity. vuGraph applies decisioning intelligence on unstructured data feeds from multiple factories, suppliers and external sources to identify risks and produce real-time recommended actions and contingencies.

  • Reduce disruptions to supply chain operations

  • Increase visibility and reduce reaction time

  • Minimize loss from uncertainties

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Advantages of an AI Powered Supply Chain

Real-Time Decision Making

Move faster and save time by always having relevant, real-time intelligence for decision making.

Intelligent Dynamic Insights

Deep learning continuously improves over time and dynamically adapts to your growing business.

Automated Efficiencies

AI automates processes and analytics enabling you to focus on customer satisfaction.

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