• Maximize margins, boost resilience, and mitigate risks with AI-powered autonomous supply chain planning.

Better Data. Shock Scenarios. Collaborative AI Agents. Resilient Explainable Decisions.

Forecasting alone will never deliver true resilience!

Optimize planning decisions to hit business KPIs, in the presence of shocks, using Reinforcement Learning and our Knowledge Graph

Choose between recommended actions from multiple AI decision models trained on both normal and shocked scenarios in our digital twin simulator (VuSim). Our models are enriched by hundreds of external signals from our supply chain knowledge graph platform (VuGraph)

  • Discover. Include. Maximize Accuracy.

    Discover the External Factors that influence your product from our Knowledge Graph VuGraph

    Our supply chain knowledge graph is comprised of hundreds of external signals and their predictive weights for various supply chain planning verticals and use cases. These signals include macro and micro economics (CPI, PPI, Inflation, Interest Rates, Unemployment etc), commodity prices, production volumes, tariffs, shipping rates, and many more.

    Once you've discovered the set of signals with the highest predictive power weights, you can include them in your model, retrain and get a much richer higher accuracy forecasting model. Or you can ask DeepVu to build a customized VuForecast model for your specific use case including both our VuGraph data and your historical enterprise data.

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Stockout Forecasting for Home Goods

DeepVu's model forecasts the probability of a stockout per (store/DC, SKU, week) with a forecast horizon of 2--6 weeks out.

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B2B Demand Forecasting for CPG

DeepVu's model forecasts demand per major (retailer-id, SKU, month) in 5 markets/countries with a forecast horizon of 1-2 months out.

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Comodity Price Forecasting

DeepVu's model forecasts the weekly price of hot-rolled-coil steel in Shanghai market with forecast horizon of 2--12 weeks out with an accuracy of 91%--95% (with MAPE as the metric)

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Smarter Greener Autonomous Supply Chains:

Boost your supply chain efficiency and margin competitiveness by uncovering insights from your wealth of supply chain data augmented with hundreds of external signals that DeepVu tracks such as commodity prices, GDP, weather, gasoline, tariffs etc.
Leverage the power of deep learning and reinforcement learning for sales and operations planning, inventory optimization, stockout forecasting, on-shelf availability, logistics decisions and procurement optimization including commodity hedging. Together we will take your enterprise on the path to AI driven planning and operational excellence.
Drive efficiencies in logistics decisions to optimize OTIF, eliminate waste and minimize carbon footprint to improve your sustainability and environmental impact, ensuring a greener planet for our children.

We're committed to building and enabling a sustainable, resilient, seamlessly efficient future that protects both quality of life for humanity and the planet.

  • Demand Planning

    Sales and operations planning for optimizing production and inventory levels, including forecasting shelf availability and preventing stock-outs per SKU, per warehouse/store per day

  • Procurement

    Decision models to allocate purchase orders to suppliers to optimize BoM cost, delivery date, and sustainability while de-risking production disruptions

  • Production Planning & Capacity Optimization

    Decision models to recommend scheduling actions to optimize for multiple KPIs including factory production capacity, energy usage, labor cost, and sustainability

  • Logistics and Freight

    AI assistant for logistics and freight optimization, including demand forecasting per lane, decision models to optimize OTIF, fuel consumption, labor allocation etc

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Why DeepVu?

Real Time

Get insights and actionable decisions in real-time. DeepVu analyzes data streams as they arrive.

Deep Learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning is the most advanced, scalable, self-tuning form of AI decision models. Handles complexities and scale that traditional machine-learning cannot.

Full Stack

A versatile solution capable of handling any supply chain data-set and use-case including procurement, demand planning, production planning, and logistics.


No feature-engineering work or rule updates needed. DeepVu will scale as your business grows.

Find out how DeepVu’s decisioning and forecasting models can optimize your supply chain responsiveness, resilience, traceability, sustainability, and margins.
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Our supply chain knowledge graph VuGraph is comprised of numerous external signals that enrich our models with industry context. Enrich your own models

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