• The Future of Logistics Optimization is specialized AI Decision Models

DeepVu Logistics Logistics Optimization & Risk Mitigation

Optimize for the lowest possible logistics cost to ship your product with the same quality, delivery date, and environmental constraints. vuShip handles the data complexities that exist from multiple carriers, capacity fluctuations, route and port congestions and varying reliability including external signals such as airfuel, maritime fuel, gasoline prices, weather etc. vuShip will predict the optimal combination of carriers, routes, price and the likelihood of a discount based on historical transactions, external market signals, satelitte images, commodity prices, etc. Reduce inefficiencies and stop overpaying large sums over time based on manual calculations or ineffective models.

  • Reduce logistics costs

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Identify and decrease inefficiencies

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Advantages of an AI Powered Supply Chain

Real-Time Decision Making

Move faster and save time by always having relevant, real-time intelligence for decision making.

Intelligent Dynamic Insights

Deep learning continuously improves over time and dynamically adapts to your growing business.

Automated Efficiencies

AI automates processes and analytics enabling you to focus on customer satisfaction.

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