• VuGraph: Enrich your models with knowledge graph external signals that manifest the shocks and have the highest predictive influence.

What if that 305th external signal is the one that tanks your plans?
VuGraph's insights give you planning superpowers

Humans can handle perhaps 10--20 variables, however machine learning forecasting models can take in hundreds of external signals. If your procurement or demand planning model is only taking a few external signals that you've hand curated for it, you could be missing numerous signals that maybe even more influencial in affecting your demand planning, and in fact maybe leading indicators of the next supply chain shock! Enter VuGraph!
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Visualizing the Building Materials VuGraph centered around Plywood Lumber PPI, Gypsum PPI, and Aluminum Commodity Price

Macro Economic Signals

In a year like 2022, it's very clear that inflation affects everything ranging from consumer demand for FMCG and vehicle sales to B2B transactions and supplier prices. VuGraph includes the entire set of macro economic signals such as CPI, PPI, Unemployment rate, US GDP to Current Account ratio, interest rates, and currency exchange rates among many others.

  • US New Home Sales

  • US Real Consumer Spending

  • US Chain Store Sales

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Commodities Markets

Commodities are the key ingredients in very manufactured product. If you can't get steel and aluminum the automotive factories stop, just like if you can't get memory chips, sensors, and semiconductor components. We've all seen this already happen in 2021 due to the semiconductor shortages that disrupted both the electronics and automotive industries. If your models don't take into account whats happening in the commodities markets, then they are blind to the foundational layer of the supply chain. VuGraph includes all major commodities that are traded in Chicago Merchantile Exchange CME and Shanghai Futures markets.

  • Crude Oil and Natural Gas

  • Industrial metals such as Steel, Alumninum, Copper, and Silver

  • Agricultural crops such as cotton, corn, rice, and soybeans

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Global Trade Indicators

Unless you're manufacturing a very simple product sourced entirely from local ingredients, global trade constraints, tariffs and port performance metrics will impact your procurement, production capacity, and distributation.

  • Current account to GDP ratio for US and other G7 nations

  • US Total Exports

  • US Total Imports

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