• The Future of Production Planning and Capacity Optimization is specialized AI decision models

Production Planning & Optimization:
Production Scheduling, Labor Allocation, and Yield Optimization Decisioning

Optimize for the optimal production plan to maximize revenue, reduce OpEx and optimize sustainability while honoring your sales forecast and time to market constraints. DeepVu's production planning solutions handle the data complexities that exist from multiple SKUs and production lines, thousands of suppliers, many material-IDs, labor rates, port congestions and varying reliability including external signals such as commodity prices, weather, macro-economic signals, and satellite images of ports and parking lots.

Our production optimization solution offers decision models to recommend factory schedules to optimize directly for the customer KPIs. Our solution is built on top of a simulation framework that includes simulating shock events such as COVID, and port congestions etc, and recommends actions (schedules, purchasing decisions, etc) that are based on multiple AI agents, one trained on a normal environment, and others trained on various shock scenarios. The user can choose amongst the various decision recommendations, while seeing the impact on the KPIs.

  • AI decision model for scheduling SKUs and labor to production lines and shifts

  • AI decision model for deciding safety stock per material-id/part-number

  • AI decision model for recommending actions to optimize yield

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Advantages of an AI Powered Supply Chain

Real-Time Decision Making

Move faster and save time by always having relevant, real-time intelligence for decision making.

Intelligent Dynamic Insights

Deep learning continuously improves over time and dynamically adapts to your growing business.

Automated Efficiencies

AI automates processes and analytics enabling you to focus on customer satisfaction.

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